Dear Woosy – My boyfriend thinks I’m fat

Dear Woosy,

My boyfriend of several weeks just broke up with me. He says that it’s because I am too fat, but I know that cannot possibly be true; I am the thinnest girl in my class. I think that it is because of his fear of commitment that he broke up with me.

Normally girls hate it when guys say, “It’s not you, it’s me.” However in this case, that’s exactly what he should have said because that’s the truth… it is him not me. And it really offends me that he’s saying that it’s me and not him. It offends me that he is willing to say something to make me feel self-conscious about my appearance rather than telling the truth about his own issues.

I want to confront him, but I’m afraid that he may start rumors about me by telling people that we know that I’m fatter than I look. What should I do?

Woosy says – First of all, don’t worry about the rumors. I guarantee you that people are already talking behind your back anyway so that doesn’t even matter. Secondly, you could confront him if you think it will make you feel better. But it shouldn’t make you feel any better because it won’t mean a thing to him anyway.

I would recommend beating him up – if you’re able. It sounds like you’re probably a lot heavier than he is, so just throw yourself on top of him… that should do the trick. Just be careful not to kill him.

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