FBI claimed Robin Gibb hired a hitman

Late Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb was investigated by the FBI for claiming to have hired a hitman to kill his ex-wife, according to reports. Robin Gibb, who died after a lengthy battle with cancer in May of this year, was under investigation from US authorities after making death threats against his former spouse Molly … [Read the full story]

Julian Assange is offered Aboriginal passport

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has been offered an Aboriginal Nations passport in an inner-city Sydney ceremony after he was “abandoned” by Australian authorities. His father, John Shipton, accepted the document at a celebration at Darlington. He said his son had been jilted by the Australian government, and the passport ceremony – which follows … [Read the full story]

Croc attacks boat in the Territory

A 3.5m crocodile took bites out of a fisherman’s boat engine in a Sweetheart-type attack. The saltie made one big hole and six smaller holes in a 90-minute assault. Recreational fisherman Dean Bennett, 22, said: “It meant business.” The crocodile finally disappeared after being smacked over the head with a metal pole. Mr Bennett, his … [Read the full story]

Qantas has 1st annual loss since privatisation

Australian airline Qantas has reported its first annual loss since it was privatised in 1995, amid high fuel costs and growing losses at its international operations. The firm made a net loss of $244m Australian dollars for the year to 30 June. This compares with a net profit of $250m in the previous year. Qantas … [Read the full story]

Caltex refinery in Kurnell is to close

Australia’s peak motoring body fears Caltex’s decision to shut its Kurnell site has left the country exposed to fuel supply risks and price volatility. Caltex will shed more than 330 jobs as the Kurnell site in Sydney is transformed into a simple fuel import facility over the next two years. The closure follows a recent … [Read the full story]

Aussie women used as guinea-pigs for Thalidomide

Pregnant Australian women were used in world-first trials of the notorious morning sickness pill thalidomide before it was tested on animals, it’s been reported. Documents from thalidomide distributor Distillers Company (Biochemicals) show Australian women were used in trials of its drug Distaval in 1960. Trials took place on pregnant women at Sydney’s Crown Street Women’s … [Read the full story]

An emu walks into a bar…

No, seriously. An emu does walk into a bar…and then he shits on the carpet. The rude creature found its way into Denham’s Shark Bay Hotel in Western Australia, catching the attention of patrons. But he managed to escape before Administration Manager Ben Jones got to the scene. “I ran out of the office to … [Read the full story]

Tub of lard in cupboard is ‘fit for consumption’

A German pensioner who had kept a tub of lard in his cupboard for 64 years, took it to authorities who pronounced it very much fit for consumption – if a little tasteless. Retired chemist Hans Feldmeier, 87, said he had received the pig fat as a student in 1948 near the northern city of Rostock … [Read the full story]

10 women arrested on suspicion of being lesbians

Ten women have been arrested in Cameroon on suspicion of being lesbians. They have been detained in Ambam, some 190 miles south of the capital of Yaounde, until they go on trial. Consensual same gender sex is considered criminal in the West African nation and punishable by a jail sentence from six months to five … [Read the full story]

Naked man wearing just socks is stun-gunned

Police say they were forced to use an electric stun gun on a naked, nearly 300-pound man after he allegedly stole socks from a Walmart in southeast Pennsylvania. Officers responded to the scene Wednesday in Exton, just west of Philadelphia, and found the suspect, identified as six-foot-four Verdon Lamont Taylor, inside the store wearing only a … [Read the full story]

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