Man addicted to eating bricks

Meet the Indian man hoping to find fame and fortune by showcasing his unusual appetite for eating bricks. Pakkirappa Hunagundi suffers from a rare eating disorder and says he is addicted to eating only bricks, gravel and mud. ‘I only like mud and bricks, nothing else,’ he said. ‘I will eat it because it is … [Read the full story]

Prince Harry poser cons workman on Facebook

An Austrian workman fell victim to a €27,500 scam after a Facebook fraudster posed as Prince Harry. The conman offered the tradesman a ‘contract’ of a million euros he said was to renovate the parquet floors in Buckingham Palace. As part of the deal the floor fitter was asked to transfer €27,500 to several bank … [Read the full story]

Man refuses to stop having sex with his dog

Residents were forced to call the police after allegedly witnessing one of their neighbours having sexual intercourse with a pit bull terrier. It was reported that Bernard Marsonek, from Tampa, Florida, ignored repeated requests to cease copulating with the canine in his back garden. When cops arrived Mr Marsonek was arrested for aggravated animal cruelty, … [Read the full story]

Stockholm job-seeker chaos

Police dispersed an angry crowd of job-seekers outside an employment office in Stockholm on Wednesday after it called 61,000 people for a recruitment meeting by mistake. “Something has gone wrong with the mailing list…it has set off a very messy situation at the city office,” said Clas Olsson, acting director of the employment office. An … [Read the full story]

9,000 half-naked men fight for sacred sticks

Clad in loincloths only, 9,000 men grapple with one another in the annual battle to be the owner of a pair of lucky sticks. It might sound rather wacky, but the Hadaka Matsuri festival is a sacred and eccentric tradition in Japan which sees half-naked men vie for the ownership of the wooden sticks, called … [Read the full story]

Body Art denied passport

Britain’s most tattooed man is having trouble getting a passport after changing his name to ‘King of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite’. The 34-year-old, previously known as Mathew Whelan, was surprised when his passport renewal was rejected on the grounds his new name was not appropriate. ‘This is a breach of my … [Read the full story]

The image that can break your brain

Do not stare at the image below, that is unless you actually want to break your brain. That’s the warning from Tom Scott of Things You Might Not Know, who claims the two squares of opposing horizontal and vertical black, red and green lines can permanently rewire an individual’s brain. The McCollough effect, as it … [Read the full story]

Carved cash – wood you believe it?

It’s the sort of stuff you’d imagine finding if you were clearing out the loft of a recently deceased, and absent minded, bank robber. But what looks like a stack of bundled cash is in fact a wooden sculpture. Each has been carved by New York artist Randall Rosenthal using a block of Vermont white … [Read the full story]

Is this the worst police sketch of all time?

This drawing of a suspect wanted in connection with the serious robbery of two women in Texas might just be the worst police sketch of all time. The Lamar County Sheriff’s Department released the drawing – which they stress is a composite sketch, not a likeness – to help track down the man who allegedly … [Read the full story]

Woman sniffs and chews urine-soaked nappies

If you’re struggling to break free from a coffee-fuelled caffeine boost in the morning, spare a thought for this young woman. Keyshia from Queens, New York, has become addicted to sniffing and chewing on urine-soaked diapers and says ‘the more pee the better’. The 22-year-old hoards dirty nappies from both friends and strangers and takes … [Read the full story]

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