Celery racism is rife

Red celery has been developed by a Florida-based produce company to give a ‘colourful crunch’ to salads and dips. It looks like Rhubarb…and so what if celery is red. Are you going to buy this because of its colour? Of course you’re not, you’re going to buy celery because you like the taste. This is … [Read the full story]

How women have changed – how would Mona look now?


Then and now…now and then…



Today, I noticed that my new colleague never laughs.  Instead she says, “LOL”.  I have to work with her every day.

Blobfish voted the world’s ugliest animal

The blobfish, with its permanently grumpy expression and pink saggy skin, has topped a poll featuring some of the planet’s strangest looking species.

Snakes CAN open doors!

Snakes are pretty scary, but at least when they’re in zoos or you’re watching them from the other side of a glass tank you can sleep safe in the knowledge that they can’t get to you. This assumption may however prove to be your undoing, as footage has emerged of every ophidiophobe’s worst nightmare: A … [Read the full story]

Cocktus could use some Viagra

Unfortunately, this penis cactus seems to be going limp. It “just won’t grow straight,” it’s owner explains. Makes a great shadow puppet though!

How to chop a watermelon in under 30 seconds

Chopping a watermelon can be tricky, but Matt Jones has mastered the art of making it look effortless. The supermarket worker accepted a challenge from a colleague to peel and dice an entire fruit in just half a minute, and managed to complete the feat with nine seconds to spare.

How Animals Eat Their Food

Couple caught having sex on Street View

A steamy couple have been caught in a passionate outdoors embrace by Google’s Street View cameras on Dukes Highway near Keith, South Australia The uncensored pic (left) and how the Dukes Highway love-in now appears on Google Maps (right).

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