Are you sick of talentless Victoria Beckham and her brand?

Fashion queen Victoria Beckham is planning to launch her own online store.

Posh who is preggers with her and David’s fourth child, is finalising plans for the website to flog her fancy-wear…which includes a  handbag that costs $16,000.

The move will see her competing with major fashion players like Armani…and her status and profits shoot sky high.

Former Spice Girls singer Posh, 37, also hopes to open up a store in Los Angeles or New York.

She currently sells her products through online luxury retailer net-a-porter, and posh stores like Harrods in London and Bergdorf in New York.

Not bad for somebody who has absolutely no talent…sorry, I’ll re-phrase that…she does have one talent, and that is to ‘meet and keep’ a man who is successful in his field.

by Milo Johnson

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One Response to “Are you sick of talentless Victoria Beckham and her brand?”
  1. Alisha C says:

    You forgot to say how fucking pig ugly she is, that photo is going to give me nightmares

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