Clarkson laughs off alleged affair

Jeremy Clarkson and his wife Frances haven’t been seen together in public since the presenter was alleged to have had an affair with a colleague.

But the couple, who have been married 18 years, put on a show of solidarity at the weekend as they posed for photographers at a Help For Heroes charity event.

The Clarksons showed their marriage was very much intact as the Top Gear host slung his arm around his wife at the Smooth Radio studios.

Their relationship was rocked in April when reports claimed Clarkson, 51, had had an affair with Top Gear colleague Phillipa Sage, 51, during the Top Gear Live world tour.

Clarkson was holidaying with Frances in the Caribbean at the time and quickly denied the reports.

However, weeks later it was reported he was spending most of his time in a London flat he had bought, to be used as his base while filming Top Gear.

Although he insisted he spent the weekends with Frances, 49, and their three children at their family home in the Cotswolds.

He said: ‘I live here. When Top Gear is in production for the last ten years, I tend to spend time in London. That’s the story.

‘Not in a boastful way, I own several properties in London and have done so for years. This has all been sparked from what I wrote in my column. I have never described it as a bachelor pad.

‘Where I live is nobody’s business, but to be absolutely clear I was here yesterday and the day before. It’s extremely important that you get it straight that I live with my wife.’

When asked about his relationship with Miss Sage, he joked: ‘They said I fed a girl lettuce while I was in South Africa. They said I was drinking chardonnay. Do me a favour.’

by Harry Harper

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