Dad grows monster cabbage…his kids must hate him

Keen gardener Stephen Seviour has produced a monster of a cabbage at the bottom of his garden.

Mr Seviour, who lives at Somerset, England, was amazed when the vegetable weighed in at 25kg without any special composts or treatments.

 He said, “I have been gardening for years and don’t grow anything for shows but just for home consumption.

“This one weighed in at 25kg and the rest were more like 10kg. It’s the biggest I have ever grown.”

Both Mr Seviour and his wife have eaten some of the vegetable but he admits there is only so much cabbage a man can eat!

by Milo Johnson

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One Response to “Dad grows monster cabbage…his kids must hate him”
  1. Mitch says:

    Photoshop job for sure. It’s a macro of a brussel sprout shopped into a photo of tiny kids.

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