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I thought it was time to look back on a DVD I had watched years ago.

The CastleThe Castle was released for us to enjoy a time when Australia understood what it meant to stand up for a way of life that was changing very quickly. Young and fresh, we had a belief in the rights and wrongs of owning your own home, bringing up a family and standing up for a way of life we knew to be the Aussie way.

Today, the acting seems quaint. The story line is naive and simple, and the ending reminiscent of a time when pollies and rich people could give support to those without much clout in the world.

The Castle is a DVD which was never going to storm the box offices in countries far away, but even now, to us here in Australia, it touches a nerve that reminds us of how we used to be and how we would wish the pollies were today.

This is a wonderfully human DVD with possibly a message for all of us.
Dated…yes, old fashioned…yes, simple…yes, but a real joy for us to see again and again with our families and kids.

A memory of days gone by…

by DVD Derek

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