Elizabeth Taylor’s gold cape auctioned

The gold cape worn by Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor in the classic movie Cleopatra has sold for $50,000.

The garment — designed to look like the wings of a phoenix — helped the 1963  blockbuster win an Oscar for Best Costume Design.

Taylor wore it in scenes where Cleopatra entered Rome and when she committed  suicide with a snake bite.

The cape was bought in 1970 from a costume shop by a woman who never showed it  to anyone. When she died her daughter put it up for sale.

The anonymous seller said after the auction in Dallas, US: “I never mentioned  it or showed it to anyone.

“When Elizabeth Taylor passed away I thought of the magnificent cape and  realised it was time for it to find its way into the world.”

Taylor  died last year at the age of 79.

by Debbie Dot

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