Jennifer Aniston looks Lolavie in the nude

Jennifer Aniston has been named the screen siren of “Tinseltown” topping Hollywood’s legendary sirens Marylin Monroe and Sophia Loren.

As the official spokesperson for her latest venture, Jennifer Aniston can definitely make all the rules as she goes along. To launch her campaign for the new perfume Aniston decided to bare her essentials in nude photos for the new fragrance called Lolavie. Looking every bit the reason why Brad Pitt married her back in 2000, Aniston is simply stunning in what can only be described as a very sensual and captivating ad campaign.

While rumors swirl around the media in speculation of a possible reconciliation of sorts between she and Brad Pitt, I say ‘GO BACK TO JEN, BRAD! Aka those are NOT your children they are Jolie’s and possibly the African mother who is alive and well contrary to the tall tale Jolie told the world in 2005. How about a “real’ FAMILY with Jen…We love her. She’s still GREAT!’

Incidentally, Aniston’s probably the best thing that happened to him 12 years ago and appears the best thing to ever happen to him again.

At 41 years old, Aniston seems to have come into her own. Brad and Jen need get back together… Who can forget just how very beautiful they were together and that they were best friends? Brad must be missing his “best friend’ terribly.

While Aniston has recently denied pregnancy rumors it is not to say that she is not keen on starting a family of her own. Maybe, it’s a case of Jolie telling even more tale tells when it comes to the paternity of her children rather than a case of Aniston struggling to get pregnant.

by Milo Johnson

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