Mickey Rourke’s gnashers are coming out for new movie

Hollywood star Mickey Rourke wants to get his teeth into his role as gay British rugby player Gareth Thomas.

The award winning actor reckons removing the bridge holding his front teeth will help him sound Welsh.

“It’s fine except I’ll have a lisp,” he said. “Still, that will help me tackle the tricky accent.”

Mickey has become pals with former Welsh and British Lions captain Gareth, 36, while preparing for the new movie about his brave decision to “come out” in 2009, the first player ecer to do so.

“It’s all about courage,” said Mickey, 58. “This guy is a piece of work, he’s 6 foot 3 inches of muscle yet had the balls to tell his wife, his coach and the players that he’s gay…Wow!”

Mickey has a trainer getting him into scrum sort of shape and can’t wait to start filming. He’s sure the movie will strike a chord in Tinseltown.

“There’s a lot of stars who can’t come out the closet because they couldn’t be leading men anymore,” he explained. But in Gareths position Mickey reckons he’s do the same.

“You bet your ass I’d come out,” he said. “But I wouldn’t be kept on the team for long, the way I’d behave.”

by Helena Bryanlith

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