Ricky Gervais in new sitcom Derek

Ricky Gervais says that his new character in the sitcom Derek is more self-aware than David Brent from The Office.

He revealed: “The difference is that there’s no real veil of irony and people  are saying exactly what they mean, however crazy that is.

“The talking heads in The Office were in juxtaposition to what you actually  saw them do, so there was a certain irony to David Brent saying, ‘They love  me out there’.

“Derek is self-aware because he’s just honest.

“He says what’s on his mind. He’s better than us. He’s lovely and he’s kind.

“Whatever he thinks and does is the nice way to go, whether that’s right or  wrong.”

Ricky, who wrote the pilot without his usual partner Stephen Merchant, said  that he is aiming to strike an emotional chord with viewers.

by Lorelle Heath

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