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Well fans, I thought I would bring you up to date with my latest visits to the flicks.

I would normally wait until nearer Oscar time to give you my advance predictions of next years best films, but two movies you must see are on show now.

Firstly, ‘The Sapphires’…This is a joy, a real feel good film. Believe me, the music and the singers, as well as the nostalgic authenticity of the backgrounds, brings us back to music we love to remember. Jessica Mauboy is worth the price of a ticket.

Now, for my best of year movie performances.

I love Emily Blunt…her usual happy and beautiful looks add to any film. Not, you say, blessed with great acting skills based on her past films, but how wrong could you be,

In ‘Your Sister’s Sister ‘, she is amazing. The cast of just three actors give a roller coaster display of outstanding performances. The director and writer are a must for an Oscar. I defy you to leave the cinema without saying this is the best film you have seen this year.

Sorry Tom, but ‘Rock of Ages ‘ just moved back a spot.

I did warn you that this year would be a year of remakes…sadly, I was proved right again.

Total Recall is not as good as the first time around.

Now we have The Unexcitables…no, it’s The Uninteresting…no, wrong again…The Unendurable…no…no, what was the name again? That’s it…’The Expendables’.

The first Expendables movie didn’t actually ‘spend’ money. They saved money on lighting and electricity. Filming was done in the dark, which made it very hard to see in the cave scenes. This time we are not so much in the dark, although I’m sure you would wish we all were in the dark.

It’s lovely to see all the old, and I mean old, stars once more trying to kill themselves in this action film.

Sadly, this sequel is just as actionable as the first time round. It’s worth going to see for the joy of watching how our favourite stars have aged.

I remember them as stars…not great actors, but definitely great stars. They are always worth the price of a ticket.

See you at the Oscars…

by Helena Bryanlith

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