What do chics see in Russell Brand?

He has an unshaven face, hair like a bird’s nest – and often looks like he is in need of a good hose down.

So just why do women throw themselves at the feet of renowned lothario Russell Brand?

This is just one conundrum that bothers modern society, according to a recent study – and to date, no one has put forward a satisfying theory.

Why women fancy Russell Brand was the fourth most befuddling issue on a list of 50 things that people today find confusing, according to a survey of 2,000 people carried out by Puzzler World 2012.

Topping the list of things that befuddle us was pop duo and X Factor stars Jedward, famous for their tuneless voices and gravity-defying hairstyles, whose rise to stardom in spite of their staggering lack of talent (in the traditional sense) seems to have confounded many.

A collective ignorance towards mathematics among the population was revealed, as algebra came in as the second most confusing topic.

The increasing number of foreign call centres appears to be a topic that we struggle to get our heads around – they came in third on the list.

Elsewhere, more obvious mysteries of life made the list. The theory of relativity, Steven Hawking’s theories, football’s offside rule and the laws of cricket continue to confound us.

Why and how Stonehenge was built is another poser we can’t wrap our heads around, while insurance policies, printers and predictive text crop up as some of the mysteries of life.

Current affairs influenced the position of items featured on the list, with one particular question foxing many of those surveyed: Just why does  Rhodri Giggs stay with his unfaithful wife? No doubt it is a question Mr Giggs has asked himself many times too.

‘Life is full of mysteries and everyday items and situations that we find difficult to comprehend,’ said a spokesman for Puzzler World 2012.

‘Whether it is the offside rule, credit card interest rates, politics or crop circles, these are things which baffle us and take us time to understand.

‘Interestingly, two thirds of us hate getting confused, but only half of us will ‘sometimes’ ask for help when we can’t figure something out.’

by Milo Johnson

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