Time to assess the world today

2017 is the year to understand why we are in a crisis around the world – we must start with the past.

Democracy although semi introduced by the Greeks (semi because women and the poor could not vote), was given prominence by the Magna Carta, before democracy Kings, Emperors and Ceasars ruled the world and almost from when time began tyrants ruled the world.

So what is different today?

The slow decline in religion, which acted as a counter balance to royal dominance. Christianity was responsible for values, especially education to improve the lives of the poor. There have always been wars, but to go to war was
costly. Kings taxed the people to fund the armies to attack their neighbours.

How is this relevant today?

The democratic countries can no longer afford to go to war – money and profits rule the world.

Capitalism has taken the place of democracy and religion.

Around the world there is a feeling of fear and uncertainty, because of the changes in the US of a new President and in Russia a dominant ruler. Brexit threatens Europe, and in the Middle-East ISIS earn money from oil an kidnapping.

Money rules the world more than any King or Emperor. Under Trump, the US will become isolationist, Russia will threaten, but economically they are unable to sustain a threat to the USA. ISIS, if drained of money, will fade away.

The future threats will come from China and Korea. Korea is not profitable but dangerous. China is already becoming
one of the richest countries in Asia, so it is even more important for the real democracies to form alliances. The USA must change from lies and deceits and become more transparent, and Russia must learn to trust the western democracies – they did in WW2, and worked together to defeat the Nazi’s. Unfortunately money and profits
turned them back into tyranny.

The UK has to pledge to defend its European allies despite Brexit. How important 2017 is going to be depends on the UN using its power instead of being impotent.

Sensible co-operation between the super powers and the understanding that money rules the world – yes, this could work, but would have to be used in charity, to help those in need and not making the rich, richer and wars.

The twenty first century could be a time of re-birth for democracy.

by Professor P.T. Brown

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One Response to “Time to assess the world today”
  1. Intelligent Woman says:

    I read with total boredom the article about Democracy in your internet rag. Obviously, a mysogenis who is afraid of women .Could we rule the world , silly man we already do rule the world.

    Greeks , who lived over two thousand years ago , would not recognise the ladies of today’s generation . Do we march because we are thick and do not recognise the spin of puny politicians .

    Do you expect us to take notice of mindless actors . We marched not against the millions who voted for Trump ,but against a man allegedly too fond of women . Do you think more than a million women around the world decided to take a walk in the cold January days because of politics .
    Because of a vote for women , and you say we are too emotional .

    What a sad man you are , stick to your sport watching , A good woman is too much for a fireside TV watching oaf with no brains . You don’t have to wait too long a woman president of the USA is just about to take the world stage . And we will not have to wait another two thousand years.

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