Gay marriage may be bad for future eventualities

I was intrigued by the news this week when the view was introduced, that Gay marriage spelled disaster for Australia.

In 1962 the gay population was generally a small percentage of the adult voting minority. Now fifty years later the percentage increase is enormous. If the increase in growth was to be sustained, we could have half the population as gay by the end of the century.

Don’t worry about statistics…it won’t happen…it’s just playing with numbers. But the view expressed that gay marriage will destroy the fabric of society is a very real threat. If society is seen as men, women and children, then gay men cannot give birth and therefore cannot carry on the species.

Gay women can give birth but only with the donation from a man. Arguments saying men can adopt and women can make use of men’s sperm only mean that gay marriage is not the normal progression of future population growth.

Homosexuality is as old as time, but where in past times it was accepted? Now it wants to change society in the form of marriage. This, as the view expressed this week, is a possibly dangerous path to tread. Marriage is sacred to most religions, and yet we have not seen a ground swell of opinion to oppose legislature consenting to gay marriage.

More discussion is needed to give both sides a clearer understanding of future eventualities.

by Professor P. T. Brown

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