Guilty! Lawyers have the dirtiest desks

Lawyers and accountants are among the most unhygienic office workers, a survey has found.

Just over half of office workers were not aware that bacteria could be lurking on their keyboards.
Dirty office desks are harbouring germs which can quickly spread among staff as firms are braced for an outbreak of sickness absence through colds and flu.

A study of desks by an office supplies firm found poor levels of hygiene. Germs were found in almost two-thirds of computer keyboards, while some even had mould growing underneath.

Phones and desks also had germs, found after analysing swabs sent in by hundreds of office workers. Lawyers, accountants and computer workers were said to be the most unhygienic office workers, while social workers were more likely to have mouldy food on their desks.

by Susan Floyd

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