Have sex at least once a week

Want to know the single most effective way to improve your sex life?

Have sex at least once a week. It sounds simple but millions of couples aren’t doing it.

Go without sex for long periods and your natural testosterone level falls. Doing it once a week puts you back on track…and also reminds you of what you’ve been missing.

by Susan Floyd

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6 Responses to “Have sex at least once a week”
  1. Neetesh says:


    Is masterbaution ok if yo don’t have a partner

  2. mulli says:

    Don’t know about masterbaution Neetesh. Why don’t you try masterbation instead. You could even try wanking.

  3. Ramtin says:

    hi to all…
    fuch baby…. kiram to dahanetun hahahaha

  4. Jen says:

    Just once? …

    That must suck!

  5. sanyasisetty says:

    i want my cousin to have sex with me.she is rejecting me.i dont know how to express my feelings to her.please help me

  6. Ed says:

    sanyasisetty, write to our Agony Angels, Woosy Balaska and Lily Wright. They’re very good listeners. I’m sure they’ll lend a helping hand.

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