Life now begins at 70…not 40

I might have mentioned this before, but Septuagenarians are better-educated and happier than counterparts 30 years ago, as well as enjoying a more fulfilling sex life, researchers say.

The findings…from a study of the health and wellbeing of pensioners since 1971…suggest that many may be inspired by glamorous seventy-somethings such as Jane Fonda, 73, and Joan Collins, 78.

Older people are smarter than ever, intelligence test scores suggest, due to better schooling.

The report found that ‘sexual activity has also gone up – not just in frequency but in quality as well’. This could be due to a fall in impotence rates and more divorces triggering fresh relationships.

Professor Ingmar Skoog, who led the Swedish study at Gothenburg University, said: ‘This is the rock and roll generation born in the 1930s and 40s now getting old and they are not going to be sitting on a park bench feeding the birds.

‘Being 75 today is probably like being 55 was 30 years ago.’

by Susan Floyd

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