The Kissing Debate – wet or long?

Men want sloppier kisses and women want longer ones.

That’s the conclusion of a US study…and it seems there’s a scientific reason behind it. Men have more testoserone to women via their saliva, which may momentarily increase her sex drive. This may also explain why men said the wetter the women kissed, the more aroused and receptive to sex they thought she’d be.

I once kissed Buford Balony at some journo Christmas party event, and he didn’t like the sloppy kisses…he liked the long kisses.

by Susan Floyd

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4 Responses to “The Kissing Debate – wet or long?”
  1. Sterling says:

    You kissed Buford, are you fucking mental?

  2. Buford Balony says:

    All the chicks luv me.It must be me teeth.

  3. Herman D. Schlonger says:

    Last time I tried the wet and long one with my girl she got pregnant. I suggest to use some prophylactic before attempting to kiss. We got 8 kids already.

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