Don’t jump off the roof, mum!

When I was young comedy was king.

TV and films were a riot of slapstick and rude humour.

Laurel and Hardy were masters, and on the stage comedians like Max Miller could cause a riot with his speedy quips. Norman Wisdom held audiences in the palm of his hand both on screen and on radio and TV.

But the king of radio was Tony Hancock.

He caused traffic jams when walking down the street. Religious leaders complained because when his radio show was aired , there was a dramatic drop in church attendances.

Tony died here in Australia.

Later Benny Hill on TV brought comedy to a new generation.

Why, I hear you ask, am I so wrapped in the past?

Today we have greater technical advances both in film and on the stage. Sadly it’s because of the comedians from the USA and the UK  and even here in Australia, who seem to think you can’t tell a joke without the most foulest of language.

Did you ever hear Laurel or Hardy or Norman…even Spike Milligan or Morcambe and Wise use the F or C word?

Do you think it is necessary to use  foul words to enhance a joke?

Humour refreshes the soul. Even when you are at your most deepest depression…a hearty laugh can change your world.

So to all modern comedians, make me laugh…not cover my ears.

Don’t jump off the roof mum, or at least let go of my hand!

by TOG

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