Drug lord has a shrine to Justin Bieber

Stunned cops raided the home of one of the most feared drug lords in Brazil, and found a shrine to teen popstar Justin Bieber.

This is not a critisism to the Brazilian police…but do you think that he might have had another vice as well as being a drug lord?

Just asking the question…that’s all.

Because you couldn’t really love him for the music now…could you.

And he hasn’t even got that good a personality…along with a hair cut that looks like his mum did it for him…I can’t see any reason to make a shrine to him.

I don’t mean to go on about his haircut…really, I don’t. And it’s not a jealous thing because I’m in my early forties. But why, please, can somebody tell me, why his haircut has become trendy?

It’s beyond me.

I suppose being a music journalist, I should talk about his music. Well, I’m not, because Justin Bieber is like a modern version of the Partridge Family…and they were shit as well.

So the only thing I’ve got to say about JB is this…you’ve got a shrine by a drug lord in Brazil, who would probably want to do more than shake your hand if he met you.

by Wallace McTavish

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