ELO star left only $12000

Tragic former ELO cellist Mike Edwards left just $12000. Mike, 62, died in September in a freak accident in Devon, England.

The former cellist was killed in a car crash involving a large bale of hay local police said.

Michael Edwards, 62, was killed after a 600-kilogram hay bale rolled out of a field and into the path of his van.

Another vehicle also was involved in the crash, but no other injuries were reported.

ELO was formed in Birmingham, England, and enjoyed success in the 1970s with its blend of modern rock, pop and classical music.

by Wallace McTavish

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One Response to “ELO star left only $12000”
  1. thomas says:

    pity how such a talented musician’s memorial is cited by the amount of $ he left behind…

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