Paul McCartney to release ‘old favourites’ album

It’s something he and John  Lennon had discussed, but according to Paul  McCartney, “I never got round to it because we were writing Sgt.  Pepper or The White Album.” It’s an idea he never  relinquished. 

After bonding with John over 1930s pop songs, Paul said he dreamed of putting together a collection of their  old favorites.

That dream is now a reality with his new album, the one he says is the album  he always wanted to make with The  Beatles. “Kisses On The Bottom” will be  released on February 6 and features 12 covers plus two original songs.

During a press conference last Thursday, Paul talked about the album that was  inspired by the soundtrack of his and John’s childhood.

“I wanted to do music like this in The  Beatles, but every time I came to this album someone else would do  it.” Ringo  Starr did it in 1970 with his “Sentimental Journey” record. “I kept  saying, ‘Well I can’t do it now, it’ll look like I’m jumping on the bandwagon.’ But then I decided I’d just do it and not worry about the market.”

According to Paul, the key to the record was “channelling  Fred Astaire. We’d (Paul and producer Tommy  LiPuma) pull up chords and lyrics…kick it around and record it. I think that’s why I had so much fun doing it. It was just made up on the spot.  No preconceived ideas.”

Think it’s far fetched John  Lennon would sign on to such a project? Consider the fact that John Lennon‘s first commercially recorded vocal with The  Beatles was the song “Ain’t She Sweet,” written in 1927!

by Wallace McTavish


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