Pete Doherty fucked up with Charlotte Gainsbourg

Pete Doherty has said he regrets revealing an alleged fling with French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg.

The move comes after the former Libertines man had said earlier this year he enjoyed a brief love affair with Gainsbourg while they filmed the movie ‘Confession Of A Child Of The Century’.

He claimed the daughter of famed musician Serge Gainsbourg and actress Jane Birkin, left her longtime partner Yvan Attal to be with him, but moved back to France after four days because she couldn’t stand his lifestyle.

The singer, who is residing in Paris, said he now regrets revealing his relationship because he claims she’s no longer speaking to him.

He said, “I’d drunk too much rum and taken too much coke that day. I wish I’d never said it. Charlotte won’t speak to me now.”

Doherty is currently working on a new solo album. He’s mentioned fairly recently that he has twelve songs written and is currently working on them with producer Adem Hilmi. His last solo album, 2009’s ‘Grace/Wastelands’, was produced by Blur and Smiths cohort Stephen Street.

by Wallace McTavish

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2 Responses to “Pete Doherty fucked up with Charlotte Gainsbourg”
  1. Cecil Cole says:

    Firstly, Gainsbourg scraped the bottom of the barrel. Lastly, Doherty is an ass.

    • Kinger says:

      But he is a talented ass, which is why there is an obvious attraction.
      Cecil, are you artistic in any way? You’re probably a piss-artist. You mus be, to not understand why Gainsbourg wouldn’t like him. Everybody is an ass at some point.

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