20 year old zit gets popped…..finally

Want to see what happens when you squeeze a 20-year-old spot?

If this video looks familiar, it’s probably because you have an unhealthy predilection for poking, pulling and pressing your (and other people’s) pimples.

Who is this man?  What part of the body is this?  How can one small spot produce such a staggering volume of pus?

Toronto native Andy Peppers (a pseudonym, understandably) explained that the now-infamous imperfection was on his neck and an incredible 20 years old, and during a holiday with his wife to Laos in south-east Asia, the pain became too much to bear.

‘The lump started to grow and it got to the point that it hurt for me just to tilt my head back because of all the pressure,’ he said.

‘Then the lump started to form white-heads.  Many, many white-heads.’

‘Our frantic online research had us more or less convinced that this was basically a gigantic zit.’

‘We realised we needed to get this thing to “release”.’

Armed with gauze, alcohol and plasters, the husband and wife team set about ridding the spot of all its gungey contents, unblocking the pore with a pin before squeezing the area around it and expelling torrents of pus.

But the sheer volume of oil, blood and creamy white purulence meant that the determined pair were unable to empty the spot in a single sitting, and carried out two to three spot-squeezing sessions each day for nearly a week, emptying more and more pus at each time.

Finally, with tired hands and after hours of effort, the pair reduced the spot to a small lump and Mr Peppers says it is now barely noticeable.

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