Ewe make me look beautiful

A face-lift alternative has been invented by a Harley Street doctor…using sheep placenta instead of surgery.

Extracts from the after-birth are injected into wrinkles in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, which leaves the skin in a mint-sauce condition.

Dr Roberto Viel uses the placentas because they are packed with stem cells which replenish and rebuild other cells, and fibroblasts which build up collagen and elastin to make the skin firmer.

Dr Viel says, “The procedure is uncomfortable but doesn’t really hurt. And there’s no need for anaesthetic, like a facelift…which makes it much safer.”

The treatment costs around$1000, takes 30 minutes and the results last for about five months.

Secretary Aimee Lopez, 36, had the jabs on her face and said, “I couldn’t believe how great I felt afterwards. It was like having 12 facials at once”

Steady on there Aimee ! I’m not sure everyone is as liberal as you…some secretaries are sexual animals.

by John Jackson

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