Get a Brazilian for your dog

Being man’s best friend just became high maintenance, with a Queenscliff pet grooming business in Victoria offering a Brazilian treatment for dogs.

The $20 treatment, designed for “pooches with hairy bottoms”, is part of the shops’ a la carte menu, which features nail painting, special applications of doggy cologne and peppermint gel teeth brushing.

In human terms, the Brazilian is a full wax treatment of pubic hair, but La Petterie owner Briony Sykes said this particular version only involved a trim with scissors.

“That one gets quite a lot of attention and it has become quite popular,” Ms Sykes said. “It’s particularly good for the collies and the retrievers with big rumps.

“We cut the hair right back and thin it out.”

The eye-raising treatment comes as the RSPCA estimated the average minimum cost over a dog’s lifetime could exceed $30,000.

The organisation predicted the lifelong upkeep for man’s best friend ranged from $23,139 for a small dog to $32,120 for large dogs.

Costs include the initial up-front charges of vaccination, microchipping and desexing, as well as lifelong purchases of food, worming treatments, annual health checks, vet bills, training, boarding, toys and bedding.

by Robbo Green

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