Is Dwarf Tossing coming to Melbourne?

A politician wants to make “dwarf tossing” legal in Melbourne.

But Victorians shouldn’t expect such a competition in their capital city any time soon.

It’s the city of the same name in the US state of Florida where the push is on to provide employment opportunity for little people.

Republican Ritch Workman filed the proposed legislation this week, according to the Palm Beach Post, which quoted him as saying, “In this economy, or any economy, why would we want to prevent people from getting gainful employment?”

Mr Workman also called the decision to outlaw dwarf tossing “an example of Big Brother government”.

The bar attraction generally involves people competing to throw dwarfs in padded clothing on to mattresses or at Velcro-coated walls.

“I would never force anybody to take this form of employment or pay to watch it,” Mr Workman said.

“I think it’s repulsive and stupid. But it’s none of the state’s business if somebody wants to do this.”

But members of Little People of America cautioned against what the Post called “a Leave No Tossed Dwarf Behind bill”.

Robert Van Etten, an engineering consultant said, “The people who were thrown were alcoholics with low self-esteem. Many of them were injured. One committed suicide.”

David Dodge, a computer network consultant warned, “The possibility of getting paralysed is high. And then to be used as an object for people’s amusement is very degrading.”

Although said to have started in Australia, dwarf tossing’s origins are sketchy.  It was banned in Florida after a participant died.

by Vandas Voice

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One Response to “Is Dwarf Tossing coming to Melbourne?”
  1. Buford Balony says:

    Vanda you know Dwarf tossing is rife in Oz,especially our office.I’ve seen you throw Rocky just like everyone else here.In case any of our readers want to know,myself,Buford the award winning sports writer is the undisputed,undefeated dwarf throwing champion of Ozzie News.

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