Man finds $2million cheque on train

A shocked underground worker found a cheque for $2million on a train in Spain.

Underground train

The employee spotted the Bank of America cheque in a wallet, which had been stuffed between two doors, at a repair depot in Madrid.

It is thought thieves had emptied the wallet of cash but left the cheque, thought to belong to a 49-year-old Californian man.

Worker Emilio Guerra also found a driving licence and credit cards in the wallet which he handed over to his manager.

‘We were shocked,’ depot shift manager Jose Manuel said.

‘We had to count the zeros many times because we just couldn’t believe it. It’s incredible that there are people who have so much money and others so little.’

The wallet was later handed over to police who are trying to track the man down.

‘We have his name. We’re trying to locate this person,’ said a police spokesman

‘But we won’t just hand it over. We have to verify that the origin of the money is not illicit.’

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