Man missing off Cottesloe Beach

A white pointer shark is likely to have attacked a man missing off a Perth beach, after police divers found his swimmers.

Bryn Martin, 64, was last seen shortly after 8am (WST) on Monday as he was swimming 350 metres off Cottesloe Beach towards a buoy.

The Mosman Park resident was reported missing about an hour later, leading to a land, sea and air search.

Police divers found his bathers on the sea floor near the buoy at 3pm.

Duty patrol commander Neil Blair said the missing man’s wife confirmed they were the type of swimmers her husband had worn.

“Fisheries experts have viewed the bathers and were of the opinion the damage is consistent with that a white pointer shark could cause,” he told reporters on Monday night.

A representative from Mr Martin’s family is holding a media conference at Cottesloe Beach at 8am on Tuesday.

The beach remains closed.

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