Roz Kelly gets pranked, Anchorman style

An Ozzie news reader was left red-faced after falling for an Anchorman-style prank in which she was duped into reading out a line about cannabis cookies in Amsterdam during a football report.

Today sports journalist and presenter Roz Kelly was reporting on a match between Chelsea and Benfica, which was played in the Dutch capital, when her autocue was tampered with.

Coming to the end of the report and pointing out it was played in Amsterdam, Kelly read out: ‘How good are the cookies there?’

Even as she got to the final word she seemed to realise something was up.

Her female colleagues tried to have sympathy but could not hold back the laughter, and the perpetrator – host Karl Stefanovic – broke into hysterics.

‘See, I read everything on the autocue. It’s like Anchorman,’ she said immediately afterwards.

Roz warned: ‘Whoever it is, I’m coming to find you’ before Karl’s giggling gave the game away and he was revealed as the prankster.

The TV show confirmed later that the comment was indeed added by Karl just before they went to air.

She warned that he may have won the battle, but the ‘war has just begun’, telling him: ‘You’re in trouble.’

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