Shark gets bitten by dog

A video of a dog biting a shark in Australia has gone viral, with the man who filmed the footage believing the clip should be used to boost tourism.

The short video was uploaded by Russell Hood-Penn last month but has gone viral in the last week, racking up almost 2million views on YouTube.

In the clip two dogs are swimming in the sea when they begin to round up some sharks by the beach.

One of the dogs goes underwater and apparently bites a shark, prompting Hood-Penn to comment: ‘He’s giving him a bite – the dog’s biting a shark. What the hell.

‘That is unbelievable. I’ve seen it all now. Can you believe that?’

The video was filmed at One Armed Point, an indigenous community about 200km north of Broome in Western Australia.

Hood-Penn feels the video is better marketing for the region than advertisements from Tourism Australia, saying they had ‘too much cheese.’

He explained: ‘I think they should sell it for what it is – a beautiful rugged land – why sell it with cheese when there’s these amazing stories out there and these people and animals that are doing amazing things.’

However, the chief exec of the Tourism and Transport Forum was unimpressed.

John Lee told the Sydney Morning Herald: ‘That certainly is an amazing piece of footage, but I don’t think vision of sharks practically on the beach is the right image to entice people to Australia.’

Watch the dog bite a shark in the video below:

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