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Ecuador kidnapping of Australian girl was resolved peacefully.

Attack on Julia Gillard and her dad was not giving her a fair go…shame on you.

Twilight pair are back together are they the two leads in the proposed Grey movie…nah.

More photographs of Kate Middleton now caught with her bikini briefs in disarray. It’s time Harry tracked down the villains in his helicopter. You can’t expect William to cause a ruck. Headlines -Future King, King Hits dopey camera rat. I know the UK does not want to be part of Europe, but publishing pictures of the future Queen is hitting below the belt!

Are we here in Australia copying the UK with changes to our national icons. Sydney Bridge to be called Gillard’s Cross, the Opera House is Abbots Palace and Wave Rock named after Hogan’s Hill.

I am appalled with the Melbourne rape and murder. How could a psychiatrist AND the judge release a repeat sex offender?

Don’t you think someone should be made accountable?

I do think the police and the public response was superb.

The police catch them, and then they are let out to do it all again.

by Vandas Voice

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