A ghost attacked my wife

A US man who was arrested on charges of assaulting his wife has told police that a ghost was actually responsible for the attack.

Michael F. West, 41, from Wisconsin, was charged this week with strangulation, battery, disorderly conduct and resisting or obstructing an officer.

He was arrested after police were called to his home in Fond du Lac and found a woman bleeding and crying for help.

Police said the woman – his wife – told them her husband had punched and strangled her during an argument over finances.

But West told police a different story, saying she sustained her injuries in a fall. When asked specifically about the neck injuries from the strangulation, West responded, “a ghost did it.”

West was apparently intoxicated when he made the comment, police said.

by Sasha Dubronitz

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One Response to “A ghost attacked my wife”
  1. Mick says:

    A ghost drank all my whisky last night.
    It must have been a ghost, or something.
    Well, I don’t remember drinking it.

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