Athlete uses fake penis to deceive dope test

Athletes have taken unusual steps to try to cover up their doping, but Devis Licciardi seems to have gone the furthest.

Drug testing

The 27-year-old is accused of using an artificial penis to try to beat a post-race test for banned substances.

The runner, who had just completed a 10km road race, allegedly hid the device in his underwear and attempted to siphon uncontaminated urine through it for the doping sample.

Licciardi told a doctor he wanted to ‘be alone’ while urinating but was refused permission and caught out.

The long-distance runner with the Italian air force team, will be questioned by Olympic officials in Rome today.

He faces a lengthy ban if found guilty of trying to cheat.

‘An investigation has been launched and Devis Licciardi will appear before an anti-doping disciplinary panel,’ said the Italian National Olympic Committee.

Licciardi had a poor season before the test, which happened after the race in Molfetta, southern Italy.

The incident echoes a scene in the comedy film Withnail And I, when the main character tries to beat a urine test after drink-driving by using ‘unadulterated child’s piss’.

Fake penises and bags of uncontaminated urine are easily available on the internet.

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