Clitoris Awareness Week gets underway

Hot on the heels of this months Wank-A-Thon comes Clitoraid!

Clitoris Awareness Week

Mention the word “clitoris” and some people get touchy — and not in a good way.

But that could change quickly because yesterday kicked off the first ever “International Clitoris Awareness Week,” a seven-day period designed to celebrate the female body part.

The organization behind the week is “Clitoraid,” a Las Vegas-based group usually devoted to helping victims of female genital mutilation around the world.

However, Clitoraid spokeswoman Nadine Gary said the message behind “Clitoris Awareness Week” is more whimsical.

“We’ve noticed that the clitoris has not gotten its spot in the limelight. It makes people feel uncomfortable,” she said. “For this week, we don’t want to focus on genital mutilation.”

Gary said the clitoris has gotten the shaft since the 19th century when orgasms achieved by touching it were considered “immature” compared to vaginal orgasms.

“The clitoris doesn’t have a reproductive function so it can be minimized,” she said. “It’s up to eight inches long — same as a penis — but it’s inside.”

She is hoping to arouse interest in “Clitoris Week” by having fellow Clitoraid members dress in giant vagina costumes and hand out fliers on the Las Vegas Strip.

Meanwhile, LA-based pornographer Mike Kulich is lending a hand to the clitoris cause by filming a DVD featuring various porn actresses engaged in self love tentatively titled “I Love My Clitoris” with all proceeds going to Clitoraid.

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