Elvis is alive and being treated for migraines

Board-certified Kansas City, Mo., psychiatrist and University of Kansas School of Medicine graduate Dr. Donald Hinton told reporters in February 2002 that, “Elvis Aron Presley, the entertainer whom everybody believes died in 1977,” is alive and that Hinton has been treating him for migraine headaches, among other things, for five years.

Hinton, 35, said he has several items from Presley containing his DNA and has continually denied that he’s running a scam. An Elvis Presley Enterprises official was unfazed, insisting that Elvis is still “in the garden at Graceland.”

Dr. Hinton subsequently self-published a book, co-authored with Elvis, explaining their relationship, and was subsequently investigated by the Missouri Healing Arts Board, which ultimately closed the investigation without charges.

by Vandas Voice

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One Response to “Elvis is alive and being treated for migraines”
  1. Tanja says:

    I do think elvis is still alive, either i am totally crazy or there is enough proof that he really faked his death, what i totally understand. That good hearted man paid for so much for so many people, to make everyone else happy, but who thought of him? If he is still alive, he had to do it this way.. to find his life, to live his life and whatever else was going on?.. Elvis is or was a very smart person. I did not read the book of dr. hinton, but i believe him when he says he treated elvis.. We will find out some day.

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