Kiwi passenger becomes a member of the “Vile High” club

A drunk New Zealand airline passenger joined the ‘vile’ high club when he relieved himself in an aeroplane aisle in mid-flight and soaked horrified fellow passengers.

The man was travelling on a Jetstar flight from Auckland to Singapore on Monday when he urinated in the aisle about six hours into the 11-hour trip.

Passenger Amos Chapple said he heard the sound of running water and other passengers remonstrating with the man before seeing the offender answering a call of nature “waving back and forth”.

The man and a companion were “catatonic” after drinking whiskey before take-off, Mr Chapple said.

He said the man soaked a male passenger’s leg and a woman’s scarf then “slowly became aware that he was being uncouth. He pulled up…and wobbled back to the other end of the plane”.

Mr Chapple said flight attendants warned the man about his behaviour but he criticised Jetstar for not taking sterner action.

Jetstar confirmed there was inappropriate behaviour from a drunk passenger but maintained there was no need to involve police after the man was warned and had his alcohol confiscated.

“We issued our final warning…if you don’t behave after the warning, then it becomes a matter for federal police,” it quoted an airline spokeswoman as saying.

by John Jackson

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