Monkey rips off baby’s testicle and eats it

An eight-month-old baby is in hospital after a monkey tore off one of his testicles and ate it.

Baby attacked by monkey

The infant was being changed out of a dirty nappy at a Chinese zoo when the animal attacked, ripping off the testicle before dropping it to the ground.

An old man reportedly picked it up, but a monkey snatched it out of his hand and then scampered away – eating it before it could be caught.

The shocking ordeal happened at Guiyang Qianling Wildlife Park in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province in south-west China.

Local media has said the baby is recovering in hospital and his injuries are not life threatening.

The number of monkeys at the zoo has reportedly reached uncontrollable levels over the last few years, with the colony expanding from just 70 to around 500.

While the animals are fed three times a day by keepers, members of the public also offer them some food despite there being warning signs against feeding the animals.

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