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THIS new British car blows the opposition away – it’s powered by human POO.

The Bio-Bug has been converted by UK engineers to run on methane gas.

Fuel circle … how methane gets to car

Excrement flushed down the loos of just 70 homes is enough to drive it 10,000 miles – a year’s average motoring.

And with a top speed of 114mph, its makers claim it can go like s*** off a shovel.

The two-litre VW Beetle convertible is said to be the first gas-powered car that does not suffer reduced performance.

Fill her up … tanks in boot

Mohammed Saddiq of Bristol-based sustainable energy firm GENeco, which developed the prototype, says it will pave the way for a green motoring revolution.

He boasts that it drives like a conventional car and will “blow away” electric models.

Mohammed said: “We thought it would be appropriate that the poo-powered car should be the classic VW Beetle Bug because bugs naturally break down waste at sewage works to start the treatment process which goes on to produce the energy.

“At the moment we use waste flushed down toilets but it won’t be long before energy will also be generated through treating food waste. It is probably the most sustainable car around.”

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