Spanish woman legally owns the sun

A woman from Galicia in Spain has declared herself the owner of the sun.

Having drawn up title deeds and had them signed and stamped in front of a notary, Ángeles Durán claims that there is nothing in law that prevents anyone from claiming ownership of an astral body, only that of planets.

An international agreement states that no country may become the legal owner of any planet, but this does not extend to private individuals, nor to astral bodies, claims Durán.

The deeds, signed by a notary, state, “I am owner of the sun, a G2 spectral-type star, which is found in the centre of the solar system and situated at an average distance of approximately 149,600,000 kilometres from planet Earth.”

Durán says that anyone could have done the same, but that she got in first.

She is now planning to make it legally possible for her to charge commission to all those who use solar energy, anywhere on earth.
by Sasha Dubronitz
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