Stalker of Rotterdam…calls man 178 times a day

A Dutch woman who called a man 65,000 times in the past year…an average of 178 calls a day…is due in court later to face charges of stalking.

The man told police he had been bombarded with calls, texts and emails from the woman.

Lawyers say the 42-year-old woman claimed to be in relationship with the man and denied that her actions were excessive.The 62-year-old man denies that they were in a relationship.

The police raided the woman’s home in Rotterdam and seized a number of mobile phones and several computers. A judge at a preliminary hearing granted the woman bail on the condition that she leave the man alone. But just a couple of hours after being released, she allegedly called him again, says our correspondent.She has been kept in custody ever since, and is due to appear before a judge in The Hague later.

by Jeff Millins

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2 Responses to “Stalker of Rotterdam…calls man 178 times a day”
  1. ESP1138 says:

    If that is what the 42-year-old woman looks like, I would be happy as hell. European women are more attractive than American women.

  2. Mazza G says:

    shit man…………..the gal in the photo can stalk me anytime she wants.
    who is she?
    let me know…………I want her to stalk me !!!!!!!!!!

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