Aussies don’t dance…why should we

One Aussie in ten never dances at parties because it makes them feel awkward, said an online survey.

How would an online company know who dances and who doesn’t? Do they know that I dance at every party I ever go to? Do they?

Mmmmmm…I thought not. Well, actually…I’m lying. I never dance at parties…ever…even when I’m drunk.

But that’s the things with ridiculous surveys done by people with nothing better to do than run a bath and stick as many fingers up their arse as possible.

Well…what do you expect…surveys are shit. Have YOU ever been asked to do a survey?

We’d love to know.

Have YOU ever been asked to do a survey?

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One Response to “Aussies don’t dance…why should we”
  1. Daniel says:

    How can you say “NO” turkey, you just did one, DOH

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