Sergant Major’s voice is used in an action toy

An army sergant whose shout can be heard 1.5 kilometres away is the big noise behind a best-selling action toy.

Sgt Major Bill Mott, who drilled troops for the royal wedding, was recorded yelling orders for the Character Group’s $30 Infantryman. But he was ordered to tone it down because he was too loud.


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One Response to “Sergant Major’s voice is used in an action toy”
  1. Maj. D Noellen says:

    First off he is the Garrison Sergeant Major, OBE. Its £30 Infantrymen and I dont think they even exist. Also he is the Director of all Military events in the London district. Sorry to be a pain, but I take my Military role very seriously and I needed to point out features you missed or incorrectly placed. Maj. D Noellen. (1st) Grenadier Guards

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