Spanish senoritas are the best at flirting

Spanish senoritas are the worlds best when it comes to flirting.

They are twice as more likely to make a move than a girl from the USA.

But this survey means nothing because they used 240 countries but it doesn’t look like they included Australia. Please don’t tell me that we wouldn’t have come in the top twenty…the world knows how competetive we are, that’s probably why we weren’t asked.

But it does seem that the Spanish are winning everything these days. The soccer World Cup, the Tour De France, Flirting, etc., etc.,

• Explanation to the Flirtation table that’s below: “Score” means the number of contacts per month initiated by the average woman in that country. So, Spain’s score of 1.33 means that the average Spanish woman initiates 1.33 contacts with a man per month.


1 Spain 1.33
2 Poland 1.31
3 Dominican Republic 1.25
4.= Italy 1.13
4.= Argentina 1.13
6 Brazil 1.12
7 Chile 1.09
8 Portugal 1.04
9 Canada 0.96
10 Venezuela 0.94
11 Netherlands 0.86
12 Germany 0.81
13 Colombia 0.80
14 United Kingdom 0.78
15 Czech Republic 0.76
16 Mexico 0.72
17 France 0.69
18 Belgium 0.68
19 United States 0.63
20 Ecuador 0.62
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