Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Well I don’t know how the country continued to function today after I withdrew my labour. Not on the picket line as have a ghastly cold, temperature etc, which makes me feel completely woollen headed and with the wind definitely not in my sails.

On plus side slept for a straight 12 hours last night and had another 2 in the afternoon and am going to bed now.

Did rather enjoy shouting, “Up the workers, all out tomorrow!”, when leaving work last night…don’t think some people approved (which is probably why I said it). I do love it when you see the usual suspects leave their seats to meet for what you know will be a whispering session dedicated to slagging you off.

Reminded me of an official complaint made against me regarding an email I sent out about fire safety.

After sending two polite ones asking people not to wedge open fire doors and seeing no improvement I sent a third stating, “You can train children, dogs and even horses to close doors after them so I don’t think I’m asking too much for colleagues to do so, whilst I don’t have an issue with the people wedging the doors open dying horribly in a fire (it would be poetic justice) I do mind if it takes me with them.”

All perfectly reasonable surely.

by Jim Aborwhear

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