He’s hot

Okay, it’s here by popular demand…and Ozzie News bosses have put me in charge of it.

My name is Lacy Lovelong…okay…Lovelong wasn’t my original name, but it is now.

He's hotAnyway, we’ve been asked, “Where’s the cock?”…how classy.

But, more importantly, here is our first He’s hot guy.

I think he’s a good opener for this section.

I’ve been told that I’m not to go hunting for hot guys…I’m just to put on what is sent to us…and if it’s anonymous, then I’m not to worry about that either.

Well, let me know if you want more cock on Ozzienews, and send me photos, so I can be knee deep in cock with my…er…research.

Almost forgot…enjoy.

by Lacy Lovelong

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