She’s hot – Janine Lindemulder

I noticed that earlier this morning, our refined colleague Wallace McTavish, has written a very good article, “What happened to those album cover stars?”

It’s very good, but I got a bit annoyed when he was saying that it was depressing looking at Janine Lindemulder. He put on a photograph of her looking as she is today. And honestly, I think she looks great…really I do.

Listen Wallace, we all get old, but not many of us looked like Janine Lindemulder. If anything, we should be honoured that we can still look at her in her finest form…and maybe…masturbate, when looking at her. No, it’s not perverted, just very, very natural.

Wallace, I think you need to be reminded of how hot she really was.

I’ve seen some of the birds that you’ve shagged over the years Wallace, and trust me…none of them come close to Janine.

Anyway folks. This is Janine Lindemulder, and She’s hot.


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