She’s hot – Marzia Prince

Good day to you all.

Well, this doesn’t happen very often. We have a She’s hot (SHON) photo…and we know who she is! We really do.

But of course, we are not going to run before we walk with this new information…that’s right…we know very little about her.

I believe she fits in the category of ‘Fitness Supermodel’. And let’s face it, you’d be pretty happy if she worked you out for thirty minutes or so.

Marzia Prince

Her name is Marzia Prince, and she is so amazingly gorgeous.

We’ve seen some more photos of her…and it was actually difficult picking the best photo of her…I know…life is difficult.

She will obviously be a front-runner when the SHON 2013 awards come around at the end of the year. We may have to put some more of Marzia in the She’s hot section, because, well, she’s so damn sexy and hot.

She’s hot…enjoy.

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